Ballet technique is the base in all forms of dance. This class is taught with an American Ballet Theater certified instructor. Proper technique is taught through barre work, across the floor, center of the floor and stretch, and strengthening exercises. We offer Beginning, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe classes. All students are placed according to ability and age.


All levels are offered. Ages 3-adult.


Jazz is a progressive form of dance that uses traditional ballet technique and is performed to the latest upbeat music. This class focuses on stretch, strength, jumps, turns and precision.  Jazz is presented through creativity, style, and fast skillful movements.


All levels are offered. Ages 5-adult


Lyrical dance is choreographed to interpret the emotions of the music with the intention that the audience will feel the lyrics of the song. Lyrical is a technically strong creative mixture of both Ballet and Jazz. Ballet class is required to be able to take this class.


All levels are offered. Ages 8-adult.


Hip Hop is an exciting, upbeat, fun, fast-paced form of dance and exercise that is choreographed to the latest hip hop and pop music. This form of dance works on body control and teaches dancers to be precise, even with the smallest of movements.

All levels are offered. Ages 5-adult



Tap is a form of dance based on rhythmic patterns. Our Tap program has its own style and pizzazz to make it fun and innovative. Musical timing is stressed in our tap classes. Both the classical and modern approaches of tap technique are taught.


All levels are offered. Ages 3-adult.


Creative Movement is a dance class for our youngest students. We work on our listenng skills and following directions while our large motor skills are developed through hopping, galloping, skipping, rolling, and marching. They will also work on developmental skills such as slow and fast, high and low, right and left, counting skills, rhythm patterns, and colors. Games and songs keep those little bodies and imaginations in motion all class long! 


Ages 2-3


No Limits is a specifically trained class through Rhythm Works Integrative Dance that allows for a wonderfully balanced rhythm and dance class for kids with autism, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder and other individual learning differences and physical challenges.



Our Competition Team competes both regionally and nationally and are National Title holders. We have won countless awards and have had numerous scholarship winners. Our Competition Team is chosen through an annual audition for the sole purpose of learning choreography for performing and competing.


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