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Parent and me class is a wonderful stepping stone to introducing your little to a classroom. This program is designed in an 8 week session with the intention of transitioning your little dancer into a classroom comfortably.  It is a fun class that focuses on the adult and child experiencing things together and acclimating to a new environment.  You get to be with your child interacting and creating smiles and memories together in a playful and imaginative class. The class will teach following directions, socialization, large motor skills, and self confidence.  At the end of this session, you can choose to sign up for more sessions, if you feel your dancer isn't ready to transition into a class alone or is still to young to, or your dancer can move to the next level into Tiny Tots and attend class alone with you relaxing in our parent room observing through our class windows. 

Ages 16mos-3yrs



Tiny Tots is a dance class for our youngest students. We work on our listenng skills and following directions while our large motor skills are developed through hopping, galloping, skipping, rolling, and marching. They will also work on developmental skills such as slow and fast, high and low, right and left, counting skills, rhythm patterns, and colors. Games and songs keep those little bodies and imaginations in motion all class long! 

Ages 16 mos-3 yrs



Life's Little Movers is a specialized pre school program that teaches kids 3 1/2-4 1/2yrs Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop all in one customized program. The best part of this program is it's designed to hit all the developmental milestones to help them be successful in their growth. Socialization, following direction, right foot left, balance, changing weight, muscle development, colors, imagination, counting and so much more!!! We are really proud to be bringing this to our studio and families. 


Ages 3 1/2-4 1/2



Ballet technique is the base of all forms of dance. This class is taught by our certified instructors specializing in Royal Academy of dance and ABT Ballet. Proper technique is taught through barre work, across the floor, center of the floor and stretch, and strengthening exercises. We offer Beginning, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe classes. All students are placed according to ability and age.


All levels are offered.

Ages 3+



Jazz is a progressive form of dance that uses traditional ballet technique and is performed to the latest upbeat music. This class focuses on stretch, strength, jumps, turns and precision.  Jazz is presented through creativity, style, and fast skillful movements.


All levels are offered.

Ages 5+



Hip Hop is an exciting, upbeat, fun, fast-paced form of dance and exercise that is choreographed to the latest hip hop and pop music. This form of dance works on body control and teaches dancers to be precise, even with the smallest of movements.

All levels are offered.

Ages 5+




Lyrical dance is choreographed to interpret the emotions of the music with the intention that the audience will feel the lyrics of the song.  Lyrical is a technically strong creative mixture of both Ballet and Jazz.


Contemporary dance almost defies description because it can be balletic or wholly abstract, jazz-influenced or lyrical, structured or unconventional. We fuse this style of dance into our more advanced Lyrical classes.  Switching between the two to keep our dancers well rounded and challenged. 

Ballet class is required to be able to take either of these classes.


All levels are offered.

Ages 8+



Musical Theatre class works on the three elements of musical theatre: dancing, acting, and singing. In this class, students take 3-4 weeks to learn the plot, lyrics, choreography, and character development from part of a Broadway show (for example: "Seize The Day" from Newsies). Vocalization will not be taught, but the class emphasizes the importance of singing lyrics and playing a character while dancing. This class is great for getting students stage ready for plays and musicals. Musical theatre choreography is mainly based in jazz and ballet techniques. This is a very fun class where students can expand their creativity, imagination, and step out of their comfort zone. 


All levels offered.

Ages 8+

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Foundation Acro Classes:

Acrobatic Dance or "Acro" incorporates gymnastic-like tumbling and flexibility skills with the beauty of dance execution. Safety and proper form are of utmost importance in our acrobatic training program. Our Acro Foundations class is great for beginning young Acro students.  This class focuses on flexibility, strength,  beginning and finishing positions, safety, and proper body, foot and leg positions. Skills that will be taught within this class are: forward and backward rolls, cartwheel variations, handstands, headstands, forearm stands, walkovers, round- offs, and bridges. 

Ages 7+

Upper Level Acro Classes:  

All upper level Acro dancers will build upon the skills they have already learned.  Skills include, Ariels, handsprings, shoulder stands, Acro partnering, and hand walking.  Upper level students must be currently enrolled in a Ballet or Jazz class. 

Ages 10+



Cross training and body maintenance is essential for dancers in order to prevent injury and to increase skill level. The first half of class is spent using pilates, yoga, and other strengthening modalities to build core muscles and to strengthen the smaller muscles needed for dance. The second half of the class is spent doing a series of passive and active stretches to increase flexibility. Props like yoga blocks, straps, and therabands are used as well as a Yoga exercise Ball.

*Students are required to bring their own 55cm Yoga exercise Ball. All other props are provided in studio*

Ages 8-adult



Tap is a form of dance based on rhythmic patterns. Our Tap program has its own style and pizzazz to make it fun and innovative. Musical timing is stressed in our tap classes. Both the classical and modern approaches of tap technique are taught.


All levels are offered.

Ages 3-5 Tappin' Toes program

Ages 6+



Our Competition Team competes both regionally and nationally and are National Title holders. We have won countless awards and have had numerous scholarship winners. Our Competition Team is chosen through an annual audition for the sole purpose of learning choreography for performing and competing.


Contact us for more information



No Limits is a specifically trained class through Rhythm Works Integrative Dance that allows for a wonderfully balanced rhythm and dance class for kids with autism, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder, intellectual disabilities, and other individual learning differences and physical challenges. Visit our website for more info!


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