1. The front door will be propped open to prevent multi hand contact.


2. Temperatures will be taken at the door with a no touch infrared thermometer.  Anyone with a fever will be asked to return home. All of our staff will have temperatures taken as well.


3. We will have arrows on the ground for clear in/out paths to safely enter and exit the building.


4. We have removed most of the furniture and all play equipment from the main lobby area. Only hard surface chairs will remain with cleaning stations to wipe down your chair after use.  All chairs are 6 feet apart.


5. Only ONE adult will be allowed in the building for children age 5 and under.  All extra visitors will not be allowed in building unless it is an infant and can be in a carrier or held by parent. (This one is hard for me since our families are the heartbeat of the studio)


6.  All students will hand sanitize before entering the classroom, we will have a teacher at the door to apply the sanitizer.


7. We have 6 foot boxes on every studio floor for students to stand in while warming up and rehearsing.


8. We will have the students refrain from touching each other. Please discuss with your dancer the importance of not touching other dancers while in the classroom. 


9. All studio rooms will be sanitized, including steam mopping the floors at the end of the night. Bathrooms and public areas of studio will be sanitized nightly. 


10. We have closed the student lounge and kitchen area, students and visitors can be in viewing room, restrooms and classrooms only! Please make sure your dancer has all their shoes they will need for the night in bag that they can bring to each class.


11. We will be limiting the use of exercise/stretch, and play equipment to only hard surface materials that can be immediately disinfected after use.


12. The water fountains have been disconnected; please have your dancer bring their own water bottles to class. We will also still have water for sale in the office for $1.00 each.


13. We will limit the amount of in and out of the classrooms, once your dancer is in the room we will let them go ONLY for bathroom use.


14. Face masks will be worn in the classroom.


15. If you or anyone in your household is sick PLEASE do not come to class.


16. If you or someone in your household have tested positive for COVID-19, while participating in current dance season, you must report to the studio. We will keep names private but will inform families that we have had a positive case.