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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is dance studio etiquette?

Dancer show respect for others by: keeping their hands to themselves during class, waiting quietly for others to have a turn, waiting until the music is finished before entering the classroom if they are late to class, and talking only when spoken to by the instructor (or being called on to ask a question.)

What will my dancer be learning?

Life Dance Academy offers many different styles and levels of dance classes, Each class/session has set curriculum that are designed to build upon one another. Our Mission in each session is to set your dancer up for success inside and out of the classroom with dance skills/techniques and life long skill such as responsibility, persistence, communication and more . 

Will there be a recital & does my dancer have to participate?

At the end of each season in June, Life Dance Academy will host the annual dance recital. Though we do offer students the choice to opt-out, the majority of our students LOVE to participate. If your dancer would like to be in recital they will need to be registered for classes no later than February 1st each season. Our Seasons run September through May.  

How large are the classes?

Class sizes are limited to allow each student individualized attention. An instructor will generally have 12-14 students in a session. If the room allows for more students, your instructor will have an assistant to maximize your students 1:1 attention. 

Do and Don't in Dance...

  • DO: Arrive Early. In the dance world, being early is on time, & being on time is LATE. 

  • DON'T: Break the Dress Code. Every dance class has a dress code for a reason.

  • DO: Bring a Positive Attitude & Have Fun!

  • DO: Follow classroom etiquette set by your instructor. These guideline help dancers navigate the social dimensions taught in the classroom.

  • DON'T: Hang on the barre or touch the mirrors. 

If I have questions or need immediate assistance, who can I ask?

At LDA, we are blessed to have our office manager at the studio Monday through Thursday to assist with any and all questions you may have. Our instructors would LOVE to be available for questions or concerns during the week but they have back to back classes and are unable to step out of the classroom during sessions. If you have a question or concern for your dancers instructor connect with the office staff and they will connect with your instructor if they cannot assist you. 

Is my "Little" ready for Dance?

LDA offers "Tiny Tot's" movement classes as young as 18 months old during school year sessions. This class is designed to teach our young movers dance etiquette, a joyful way to explore movement through music and dance while developing motor skills, rhythm, coordination and balance in our safe environment. During our Summer sessions we also offer a "Parent & Me" class as a way to gain the trust of our littles before they graduate to our tiny tots class solo. 

Our Clients Say...

" I have to say Life Dance Academy is truly an AMAZING studio. My kids are so excited to come to class every week. They look forward to being taught & learning in such a positive, encouraging environment. When we walk through the doors it is like coming "Home." Thank you so much for instilling the love of dance into my girls and all your of your dancers. Its a Joy & inspiration to watch you all, loving what you do & handing it down to your students. 

Gretchen Anderson

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