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Our Mission

Life Dance Academy is located in Janesville, Wisconsin. At Life Dance Academy we aim to share and instill our dance passion, skills, experience and joy with our Rock County community families/dancers. We are committed to creating a positive safe place of inclusion, self-expression and individuality while challenging our dancers to grow to become the BEST selves they can be.

​We are excited to provide our "Dancer's Journey" we’ve created for our students. Within our studio, you will find tiny dancers as young as 16 Months old, all the way up to our adult dancers. No matter what age, gender or ethnicity you are, LDA looks forward to every dancer coming to class enjoying our fun and positive learning environment everyone creates!  

Our loving and energetic instructors see you all, knows, without our dancers, we wouldn't have the opportunity to share our passion with you every day! Here is to each season creating our community that feels strong, confident, powerful, accomplished and proud everyday with LDA!

Our Philosophy

Life Dance Academy encourages the expression and communication of ones emotions through dance and music. It is important to all of our instructor, they instill the ethics and joy in each session offered. At LDA, dancing provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation, laughter and fun every step of the way. 

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