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Founder of  Dance Attitudes (now Life Dance Academy)

   May 9, 1955 - February 22, 2017


Cheryl was the founder and co-owner of Dance Attitudes. The studio began as Schmidt’s School of Dance in Cheryl’s basement in 1982. Among her first students was Dance Attitudes co-owner and Cheryl’s beloved friend, Tanya Adkins. Over the years, her studio grew into numerous locations, changing names to Park City Dance and then Dance Attitudes. Many of Dance Attitudes students have gone on to dance in college, became dance educators, and have become professional dancers. Her dedication to teaching has helped build a foundation of arts education and appreciation in Rock County.

Cheryl is the very definition of leaving behind a legacy not of fame, fortune, or power but of LOVE! Cheryl believed in people!  The hardest thing for her as the studio grew was that she didn’t know every single student by name anymore. Knowing dancers and their families was so important to her. As a teacher, she saw potential in her students, and she never took “I can’t” for an answer. She inspired, encouraged and challenged her dancers to live up to their potential. She has inspired hundreds of young dancers in the Janesville area, and she loved each and every one. Many grew to be her lifelong friends.

Cheryl was recognized as a Rock County YWCA Woman of Distinction in 2005. She was a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in the Checetti form of ballet.

Each generation of dancer had their own affectionate name for Cheryl, Cher Bear, Momma Schmidt, and Schmitty.

The Legacy that Cheryl started all those years ago will continue on.  Dance Attitudes is looking forward to another 30 years of greatness!  Dance Attitudes will continue to grow, teach, and mentor young dancers to be the best they can be.  Instilling self-confidence, bravery, artistry, and great dance technique will always be the focus of what Dance Attitudes will achieve!

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