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Life's Little Movers

  • Sessions are 30 Minutes Long

  • Enrollment for ages 4-51/2

  • Combo Class; Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop

  • Offered for 6 weeks in the Summer and/or during our school season starting in September and ending in June with Recital. Enrollment closed February 1st.

New to Life Dance or LLM? Email us today to get started on your first class for FREE!

Are you not sure what your LLM should wear? Check out our dress code for help! Visit our store for Life Dance apparel, tights, leotard, shoes and more; located at 1212 Plainfield Ave. Janesville WI

A Bit About Life's Little Movers

Life's Little Movers is a specialized program that teaches kids 4-5 1/2yrs Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop all in one customized session. The best part of this program is it's designed to hit all the developmental milestones to help them be successful in their growth. Socialization, following direction, right foot left, balance, changing weight, muscle development, colors, imagination, counting and so much more!!! Your dancers want more than just Ballet, but not sure what to add next? Try LLM to experience all styles in one place. 

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